Lustful wife and lucky neighbor

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    Yumiko and Taka have been married for five years. Her husband always has to go on business trips, even on major holidays like Obon or New Year, so Yumiko often feels lonely. She thought perhaps her husband was bored with her or no longer interested in sex. Once she accidentally found a large amount of erotica hidden in the bedroom, she discovered another side of her husband. The series are all about a wife who longs to be brutally raped. She seemed lost in the fantasy of how happy it would be if she could do the same. While she was in the clouds, she was pulled back to earth by the doorbell. She was in such a hurry to open the door that she forgot to put her underwear back on and cover her lower body. The person outside is Kazuya, a mischievous young man next door. While Yumiko bent down to pick up the paper that Kazuya dropped, she accidentally exposed her entire butt, which was still wet with lust, to Kazuya's eyes. And Kazuya knew exactly what was going on. He immediately rushed to attack and rape her, which accidentally triggered the desire deep inside her. The more she was trampled, the more horny she felt. And from then on, in front of her husband she was still a good wife, but in front of Kazuya she showed her true face, a dirty whore who craves cock.